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“This is something that I will not allow as CDC director,” Walensky said. “The processes we have in place moving forward will ensure this cannot and will not occur.” Schuchat does not identify the outside authors who wrote the three guidances not developed by CDC staff. Nor does her memo mention political interference by the Trump administration. The word “politics” appears only once, and Walensky and Schuchat appeared to go out of their way in interviews to avoid discussing it. Catch up on the most important developments in the pandemic with our coronavirus newsletter. All stories in it are free to access. But the review provides official confirmation of what has been widely reported in press accounts at the time — that political appointees ordered revisions to critical CDC guidance. In addition to the three documents not written by CDC staff, the review also cited recommendations that should have used stronger language and that should have cited supporting scientific briefs. In addition, the memo said that too often, it was difficult to “decipher the core recommendations” in long guidance documents, and “the crux of what was new or changed was difficult to find.” But the document, a copy of which was shared with The Washington Post, does not provide specifics. Walensky said she plans to adopt Schuchat’s recommendations to ensure that scientific rationale for major guidance is clearly communicated — with executive summaries that identify what’s new. She said that key guidance will be reviewed quarterly, and briefings will be held for media and other public-health groups when they are issued. The review also found instances in which guidance used weaker language, such as “considerations” and “if feasible,” even though evidence supported a stronger recommendation. “I can’t speak to how the decisions were made or why the language was less directive than we wanted it to be,” Walensky said. “We need to have language that needs to be clear when the evidence base is sufficiently strong.” President Biden’s administration is focusing on the need to “offer the public a unifying message about what we’re doing and help rebuild their faith in government,” said one health official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk about internal policy discussions. The official added that it’s harder to rebuild faith in government when people are “constantly reminded of how [the CDC] has been overridden.” Schuchat and about 15 to 20 CDC staff members assessed the major guidance to “identify primary documents that needed updating or removal,” the memo said. Agency officials had already begun assessing key recommendations related to testing and schools in October, because of concerns from clinicians and others about the need for updates as coronavirus cases surged in the fall, Schuchat said in an interview.

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How We Work during COVID-19  – March 10, 2021 Michigan to extend COVID restrictions in offices for six more months Cubicles at Brown and Brown of Detroit in Sterling Heights have sat empty for nearly a year, due to the company starting a work-from-home initiative in March 2020. (Mike Mulholland | By Samuel J. Robinson | YPSILANTI, MI — As COVID surges across the state for a third time, the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) will extend restrictions on offices for up to another six months, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced following a tour of an Ypsilanti vaccine clinic. “With our high positivity numbers, it’s really important that we extend for another six months so that we have the ability to work through what these protocols look like and get people back into the workplace when it’s safe to do so with the right protocols,” Whitmer said. The rules force office workers and those who are able to conduct their work remotely to stay out of their office, except when remote work isn’t feasible. Emergency workplace guidelines set by MIOSHA are set to expire on Wednesday, April 14, but will be extended for six months, Whitmer said. “I know that when we do extend them, which we will, people are going to think that you can’t go to the office for another six months and that’s not the case,” Whitmer said. State law allows MIOSHA to extend the set of emergency rules one more time -- for up to six months. The state is working with business community leaders as well as public health experts to understand what back-to-work looks like, and when a return may be possible, Whitmer said. In March, Whitmer announced the state would establish a task force to decide how best to reengage office workers. Some business leaders in Michigan have spent the last month petitioning to reopen offices, saying that office restrictions put small business, jobs and the economy at risk. Business leaders from the “Reopen Michigan Safely” campaign have said office spaces are some of the safest, low-risk environments. Extending office ban 6 months would be bad for Michigan, business leaders say MIOSHA has cited 201 businesses of all types for not following COVID-19 protocols during the pandemic, however, the agency reports more than 95% of inspections have not led to citations. State data shows offices have contributed to nine COVID-19 outbreaks that are currently ongoing . In March, office outbreaks outpaced outbreaks happening in retail and restaurant settings, but far fewer than in schools and manufacturing/construction spaces.